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Savage rifles

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Im interested in a savage rifle for long range shooting. I noticed the varminter is considerably cheaper than their law enforcement series, why is this? Are they lesser quality? Also, are the mcmillian stocks available on one law enforcement rifle genuine and quality mcmillian?
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The only rifles from the factory that have the McMillan stock are the law enforcement rifles. But you can order a McMillan stock at any time from McMillan themselves. They will inlet for the savage any of their stocks that they inlet for remington 700's. (They are very similar in exterior shape).

Whats the difference between a model 12 and 10 ?? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure! I believe the model 12 is just their designation for their varmint series of rifles. I believe the action is the same on the two rifles. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us on the exact differences.

I know the model 12's have slighte different features, including 26" barrels vs 24 on the 10FP models, etc.

I had a model 12 and couldn't tell you the differences in the actions, besides the fact that the model 10 has a matte black bolt, and the 12 has a shiney stainless steel bolt. Same goes for barrel finishes and the model 12 series have flutes, nil on the 10. Also, the model 10 has a factory installed larger bolt head than the 12. Differences are mainly cosmetic. But other than that, the 10 and 12 designations are mainly just that, the catalog designations for the LE and Varmint series' rifles Savage catalogs.

I would imagine that bolt head size is a result of cartridge the rifle is chambered for. I would suspect you perhaps had a .223 rifle? (they have a small bolt face diameter).

The flutes are optional depending on what model 12 you have.

The finish of the bolt and the rest of the metal-work is a good point, I would imagine that is part of the 12 vs 10 deffernces.

:oops: Oops I didn't mean bolt head, rather bolt handle. The model 10's get the larger tactical bolt handle, the model 12's have the standard hunting rifle bolt handle. (And I had a .22-250, so the bolt faces would have been the same size)

I didn't know you could get an unfluted model 12. But it seems plausable. But I don't think you can get a factory fluted barrel on the model 10. Other than that though the differences seem only to be the matte black vs. stainless finishes on the barrel and bolt shaft, and the different barrel lengths. Although I seem to recall seeing a 26-inch barreled model 10, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

Ah, here it is: 10FP-LE1, 20 inch barrel; 10FP-LE2, 26 inch barrel; but all model 12 rifles have 26 inch barrels.
Ah! Yes, that makes since.

It so happens that the new 12FV's come with the large bolt handle now and the accutrigger. This is the bargain priced varmint rifle, which is quite a rifle for the money... In fact, taking the barreled action and dropping it in a new stock would give a very nice rifle... though all of a sudden you are into it for more then a 700P

Savage 110FP for Sale

For Sale: Savage 110FP (tactical police model) 308, long action, 26" bull barrel, sits in a Choate varmint stock,
Leupold 4.5-14 x 40mm goldline vari-x III scope.
It has an aftermarket Sharpshooter custom trigger assemble that is adjustable from 12oz to 2lbs.
The gun comes with a hard plastic case and solid rod cleaning kit.
I hate to sell it but I am moving and can't take it with me.
Asking Price: $1275.00Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
sorry mel, but i think the 10 series riles have 26 in barrels as well, i belive thats what it says on savage's website. i could be wrong, thanks for the response
Yeah, you are right. I forgot they changed that about 2 years ago. I wish they would not have, as I prefer 24"

Yeah the 10LE-1 has a 20 inch tube, the 10LE-2 has the 26 inch barrel. They really should offer one somewhere in the middle of this range. That would provide a good balance between muzzle velocity and rifle handiness.

Hey J66, how much are you asking for the Savage?

ok... here goes....

i have a savage 10 and i recently went out to shoot... when i got out and began to shoot i noticed that i lost my zero... not sure what the deal was but it was shooting low and left(after the first zero).... ok not big deal(maybe trigger jerk).... i now have a rifle that shoots 4 inches high and close enough to the middle... ALL WITH NO ADJUSTMENT CHANGES

the person i bought it from thinks it may be from standing upright in a gun cabinet( should i leave it in case???)...

any suggestions would help


Well i think that would all have to deal with how long its been standing and at what angle. Unless you store your rifles at some ungodly angle for decades i think youl be fine
same stuff
bought some surplus south african(.308) 147 grain fmj's
weather can have a profound affect on bullet impact, but not 4" at 100 yards.

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