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savage triggers????

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i was wondering what everyone thought of the new savage trigger system?
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Well, my initial feeling is that its leaps and bounds ahead of thier old system. But, it is not without faults. The safety idea is new on a rifle (but the concept is the same on many modern pistols) but I just do not like the "feel" of it protruding through the main trigger. For precision rifle shooting, trigger feel is important, unlike on a pistol. But like I said, its much better then their old triggers, its light from the factory, and lets off clean. I do have to give it to savage for at least trying something, and not doing too bad with their first shot at it.

can you change the triger of a savage recever id like to know becouse i like the savage actions and recevers but not the triger is thare anny way i can do this and ont harm the recever and the action
Yes, you can swap out savage triggers fairly easily

I like savage's new Accu Trigger alot better than there old it is a clean and crisp trigger. I have it set lower than my Rem 700 PSS. The pretruding part of the trigger I got use to, so I wont have any complance there.
About switching out...

For those of you who are wanting to put an Accu-Trigger into their Savage rifle that's not equipped with one. According to Savage's website, no, you can't install the Accu-Trigger. It has something to do with the machining tolerances.
Personally, I feel that it's one of the rare few things I'd want to modify my issued rifle with. I'm used to the trigger on the Glock, and it would be quite nice to have it on the rifle too, especially for some missions, such as when we respond to break-in attempts into weapon caches. We often move between support positions for the rest of the involved elements, and less fiddling around gives you a quicker target aqquisition time.
I purchased a new Savage 10FPLE2A three months ago. At first I thought the trigger was going to be a training nightmare. For me, i got use to it after only maybe 20 rounds. I love the fact it makes me think of more durring the action of take up and let off of the motion of pulling off a shot. I am a fireamms instructor, and I find it both easy and difficult to train someone to use the new system when on the range. Those who are new shooters to the precision rifle arena find it easy to use and seem to really love it right away, those who have been shooting for quite some time and have Rem 700's seem to be biased against it quite strongly!

I have shot everything in the world at one time or another being a former light weapons specialist, and I personally love it. But try it before you buy it or save $200.00 towards the purchase of a Timiny or some replacement trigger system when you buy a new Savage!

Hide well!

Sniper X
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