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Okay, I need some opinions, and where else should I go but to my trusted companions on the forums.

I am wanting to take SC up to the next level and make it the place to go for sniping info. In order to do this, I have been contemplating creating a SC membership which provides additional things BEYOND what is already on SC. Now, this membership would cost $5 per YEAR. That memberhip would include (to start, more to come later):

1 - Special Pricing for all things Sniping related (primarily through Keislers) and one stop shopping for all those impossible to find products for sniping/long range shooting.

2 - Monthly Email Newsletter with articles and specials

3 - Members only section of web site including:
a) Early reviews on rifles/optics/equipment. With the reviews making it to the public site a few months after members section
b) More content related to tactics, ghillies, how to's, methods, etc. I have purposefully not done this for a public site, that would change.
c) Extensive photo section
d) Members photo section

4 - Discount on sniper central shooting schools, conducted in montana. (more info on that coming in due time).

5 - Any additional specials that can be arranged

Now, the big thing this allows me to be able to do is devote a lot of time and new resources into SC. The site is experiencing a large growth period right now, and I want to continue the growth if possible. I still want to keep the information that is currently there free to the public.

Anyway, I wanted to get some feedback from people wether this is/would be a good idea or not.

please feel free to comment, both for and against, and with other ideas. I'm all ears!

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I didn't bother to read the post, but for five bucks a YEAR, I'll join.

Scatch Maroo
THAT sounds like a good idea to me mele. Im 100% for it (though i think 15 bux a year sounds more reasonable)
im with everyone else, for that price id join even if we didnt get anything more than a sticker.

We're with you mel, take sniper central where you think it needs to go and most likely we'll follow.
Sir yes sir! I'd be up for joining the platoon.
I'm in
BuckSlayer said:
Sir yes sir! I'd be up for joining the platoon.
Heh, thats funny....we'd end up being a batallion by the time everyone registered. Dibs on Major!
Man, I'm getting all teary eyed..... :wink:

thanks guys.

Any other suggestions for things that would be cool to have for members?

Count me in, even at $20 a year it would be a deal.
USD$5 sounds good to me.

As im in Australia (and others from overseas countries) would not be able to access many of the aditional featurs, such as specials on ammo and firearms gear also training etc.

Even though id love to come to Montana it would be an expensive exercise.

I am very intrested though in accessing advanced technical information currently not available on the web.


Mulga :)
mele said:
Man, I'm getting all teary eyed..... :wink:

thanks guys.

Any other suggestions for things that would be cool to have for members?



o hell i just got a neato idea

we should have a ranking system for board members who are mebers on the site. Everyone should have a rank based on thier contributions to the site and how respected a member they are. when we make t-shirts(if its economically fiesable(i know thats spelled wrong) we could print the screen name and rank on the sleeve.

members only biatch lol
hell,$5 a year is a steal for this place.oh im not sure if you know yet,but would we be able to pay without a credit card?
Didn't anyone ever learn you about volunteering in the military!?!?!

I didn't listen then (joined the USMC at 17) not listening now -I'm in.

Unless Mel gives someone the nod for rank in this private Line Company (way too many enlisted men for a single Platoon), I'm not sure how you would ascertain who is more trusted than anyone else - but that's just my $0.02.

I am totally in!!!!!

I think it shoyuld be 20$ though you will be able to get a few things and since it's a yearly thing a begger could find the money.

I would not take away any info that is already free to the public, and don't forget about them either. Just my $.02 cents
Would said members section still have Ads? *shrug* not really a big deal if yes or no.

I'd give ya money.
Complimentary SC series rifles for members. Ooo and shoulder patches too!
It would be the best 5 bucks I ever spent...heck I'd be cool with $20! :p
IM in m8

Five bucks is a steal!

Where do I sign?

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