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Would you buy an SC AR-10/AR-15 DMR?

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SC-series DMR

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Mel, what would it take to build an AR-10/AR-15 style SC-DMR?

Would anyone besides me be interested?
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id also be interested in a SC M1A
I'd LOVE an SC M1A, but I'd be alot harder than an AR-10.

Gee, you sure you can't speed up production a little, Mel? I'm sure you'd have some eager employees if you asked around. LOL . . . JK :D !
lol, or you guys who live in CA could move to a state that doesnt suck. Whichever.
:lol: :lol: :lol: Ya, that would prolly be the best.

Heh.... well, would these "eager" employees be willing to relocate to western montana? (gee, thats probably not too hard to convince someone to do) but the working for peanuts by be....
How bout setting up subsidiary in Texas :D ? Ok, maybe that wouldn't work either.
I'll do it for room and board.

...and a chance to "test fire" a few rifles :p .
An SC M1A would be great. I thought the Ar10 would be easier so that's what I posted. If I could get an SC M1A at a good price, that would be awesome :!: .

What kind of specs are you talking about, Mel?
A BUIS is a must in my opinion. Flip up front and detachacble flip-up rear sound right to me.

I think the 20" barrel is the optimum length for this rifle.

A free-float tube is probably a given. I would like an ARMS full-length SIR, but it's not a necesity.

A Trijicon ACOG scope would also be cool, but kinda pricy :wink: .

Here's a place with some nice pics to get started with: ... 0&t=142721
Oh yeah, about the barrel. Although it probably doesn't need saying, I think a match grade heavy barrel would would the best. No bull barrel!

The only colapsing stock I would want would be a LMT SOPMOD stock. The others don't give a sufficient cheek weld.

About the reciever: Lauer Custom Weaponry has an interesting way of making their weapons. They buy the parts from DPMS, buy the barrels from either DPMS or Wilson Combat, and have the recievers specially made by Lewis Machine ad Tool. You may want to look into that.

I like the idea of the modified M14 mags the best.

What would it take to make it an SR-25 style instead of an AR-10 style?
Well, the French use 'em :wink: .

I personally wouldn't buy an AR in the calibers listed. MAYBE 6.5x55, but that's it. Anything I want my AR to do, it can do in either 5.56 NATO, 6.8 SPC, or 7.62 NATO.

Now, I would be intersted in a 6.5 Grendal :D .
I like the idea of the modified M14 mags the best.

Any particular reason why? Have you had better luck with them over say a FAL mag (which is MUCH cheaper) ?
I guess I just like the idea of using the standard mag release because I'm use to it.

As for the handguard, I like the ones from PRi and Armalite. The full-length to rail would be very usefull IMO.

I also really like PRi's flip up front sight.
I think to get into the market you will need to offer a bare bones rifle at a reasonable price, then offer "upgrades" (BUIS, rails all the cool stuff!)
I strongly disagree. There are plenty of "bare bones" rifles out there. The point of the SC series is to offer a rock-solid system at a reasonable price, not something that just gets you by.

I really am not that interested in an FAL. I know it's a great rifle and all, but I don't see any advantage over the AR-10.
Mel, maybe you should explore all the reasonable options and set up a poll like you did when developing the SC1. It seems to me it would be a whole lot easier than trying to wade through all these posts :D .
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