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Would you buy an SC AR-10/AR-15 DMR?

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well a 6x scope on it woudlnt be for the civilians but you could put the scope on ones to the military and not put the scope on for civilians so they can buy thier own
1 MOA guarentee is standard for semi-auto precision rifles like ArmaLite, Springfield Armory and Knights Armament

Bushy lowers are fine, FAL mags are plentiful, DPMS uses Stoner mags and good luck finding them cheap, ArmaLite uses converted m-14 mags now so FAL mags are the cheapest out of them

sounds like a good rifle but how much would it cost without the scope?
you would probably be entering a very competitive market right now

sent you a PM with more of my opinion
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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