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SC1 logos

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ok how do I submit a possible logo?
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Post a picture of it here so that we can see.
ok how?

I do have a question though. Is this logo something that is going to molded into the stock, engraved into the barrel, or what

You have to host your pictures on another site try Then you just copy the URL link and you can post them here. It will most likely be put into the action.
Barrel or floorplate is what I'm thinking

Mel I agree Barrel or floor plate is probably the easiest, as they can be worked on without the need to have the entire rifle sitting on the engraver's table.

What are your thoughts on a logo? I currently have some free time to play around with the drawings, and thought your insight / thoughts / wants / dislikes would be helpful.

You also need to think about the timing of the engraving of the logo (before or after the barrel treatment / paint) I've seen it both ways. They both look nice. My .308 from Patriot Arms was engraved after the barrel treatment. I kinda like it.

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Wouldn't carving things into the barrel cause problems with vibrations and damage accuracy?
Jeff, would you mind if i send you the image I came up with and you post it for me. I checked into that photobucket and I get too much junk email as it is. Don't ever give the major airlines your email when you sign up frequent flyer miles. They hound me relentlessly but I have gotten some really good deals.
Yimmy - I cannot imagine that it does. Virtually every custom gunmaker does it, especially the benchrest guys.

Badshot - send it to me, I'll send you my email on PM.
To keep the rifles tactical, I'll do it before finish is applied.

To be honest, I do not want something totally elaborate. Simple, sweet and to the point will do nicely! I'm NOT thinking of anything in terms of crosshairs, but will look at anything.

something around the OSOK achronym (spelling?)
SC logo of somesort?
Or something based on a "blackbird"
A cleaver saying would work just as well also

You just OSOK'd my idea.

The problem is going to be doing something nice looking but keeping it simple enough to engrave and not cost a fortune to do it.

Now if it could be molded into the stock we could get much more elaborate in our ideas.
sorry badshot. I say post a picture anyway, perhaps you can sell me on it!

Yeah, I'm running on pretty thin margins on these rifles in the first place, adding the engraving needs to be somewhat affordable ... as it'd be nice to actually cover the cost of the rifle!! :wink:

Mel I emailed the image to Jeffvn and he will get it posted for me when he gets a few minutes. I tried to keep it simple so it would be easier to engrave. If you ever need any kind of mechanical design/drafting work done give me a shout. That's what I do for a living right now.
As we speak, here is Badshot's suggested Logo:

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Thanks alot Jeff.

Mel, I also have another idea but it would be impossible to put on a rifle but might look good as part of the website if your interested. Only one problem, I can't draw but I can describe it.
JeffVN's recommendation for SC Logo. Please forgive the cut and paste nature of this logo, but my time to work on it was limited and I wanted to get it up as quickly as possible. Obviously, the SC2 would have a different number in the center of the image.

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I like this one. It has a very military (US Army) flavor to it (at least in my eyes). It looks a lot like the patches used for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Armored brigade.

The One Shot One Kill slogan is a bit overused, which is why I was thinking of using OSOK instead, kind of a "if your in the know, you'll understand". The logo may even work without the wording at all...

keep working with it.


thanks for posting it. Its not bad, but like One Shot One Kill, the crosshairs I think are over used in the idustry. Go ahead and send a PM with a description of your other idea.

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JeffVN's 2nd and 3rd attempts (following instructions) :wink:

I like the clean one (at the bottom) the best of all 3, but mistakenly thought you wanted the "One Shot One Kill" phrase included. :oops:
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If we go with either of the last two, I can do it without difficulty. The cut and paste came from the angled text on the first one.
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