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SC1 Pawn Shop BDL

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Mel, how much did you pay for the original BDL to use in your project? I've been calling around to my local pawn shops asking for prices, but these, uh, "people" don't know anything about firearms, so I may just get one off the net.

Just curious. If anyone has a spare 700BDL Short A. lemme know. (used or not)
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I do not. But I heard that some dealers, like Brownells, are now selling Remington 700 short action receivers with trigers and safetys as separate gear - price is $400.00.
Yeah, a bit of a rip-off if you ask me. I can get a complete, brand new rifle for almost that much.
I know. But there are those times when you only want what you want and you'll pay extra to get it.

I wish we had pawn shops in Houston like Mel has in Montana. Now if you wanted a Rolex watch, we have them by the garbage bag full. Nice looking rifles to scavange for their useful parts - not so many.
I paid $270 for a very nice remington 700 BDL in 7mm Rem Mag. Man, it was so nice I almost hated ripping the thing apart! I bank on about $300-$350 for rifles, depends on season, etc.

I have found my searches for gun parts at pawn shops to be most fruitful immediately following deer season, when all of the people who didn't get a deer think it was their gun's fault and decide they need a new one. I found a brand new stainless Winchester M70 with Simmons scope for $350, and some scoped Savage and Ruger rifles for a little over $250 a piece a few weeks after deer season in Georgia had ended. If you can't find anything in the pawn shops, you should check out gun auction websites like Gunbroker for used rifles at really low prices due to the wear they show. However the actions usually remain unharmed, with the barrel blueing and stock finish showing the signs of use.
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