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Hey Mel, I'm wondering if you could elaborate on the SC4 .338 Lapua that on your little list of SC's. Why did you choose to make this caliber on the 4th generation of SC's and not the sooner ones? I believe that MT Rifleman makes a .338 action so wouldn't it be possible to start making them if one wanted one?


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Actually, no. The .338 Lapua is based on the .416 rigby, which does not fit into the remington actions and does not fit into the standard MT Rifleman long action. They are in final development on a "Professional Hunter" action that will work with the .338 Lapua, its suppose to be available in late summer.

The other choices I am looking at for the action are:
Savage 110, 112, 116 action. Supposedly it works, but I'm having a bugger of a time finding info...
Sako TRG-S actions. Might be the best alternative.
Win 70?????

Any info that might be available about these actions in .338 would be appreciated.

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