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Scope for No.4 mk1

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I have a Lee enfield No4 mk1 from 1943. Its of canadian manufacture. anyways i was just wondering if there are any scopes that are readily available that look like the ones on the no4 mk1 T. Or anything that doesnt look that new. I want a scope on it but i would hate to ruin the look of the rifle. I want to buy the Bushnell elite tactical but i really think i should find something from more of the period.

thx in advance

Love the sight Mel

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i would say a little fixed 4 power with a blued finish. I have a Tasco and i believe it would look more traditional.
you could always start a search for a no32 or 23 (i cant remeber which one it is) scope, its was the original scope for the enfield. Its probably not going to be cheap.
Im not sure if i want to change the magnification. I think there where 2 scopes for the (T). one was a 3x and the other was a 4x (I think). Or just get a 10x

zaitsev do you know what model your Tasco is? the 2 that i saw where the golden antler and the pronghorn. Both are fixed 4x but both are matt black finishes. Are the blued finishes more traditional?

Thanks guys for your responses.

I think you can find a reasonably priced scope that would look period.

Look at this picture

and you will notice the scope looks a lot like many of the modern low magnification shotgun scopes. Here are a few links to various scopes I think the 4x burris compact would be a great fit its variable power.... its only 2.5 power though The truly affordable (about $40) but I cannot guarantee quality!!

Well, that should give you an idea. Personally, I think its a great project, and it sounds like a fun (and affordable) little gun. I might give it a whirl sometime also! Let us know how it shoots

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im ot sure of exactly what kind of tasco it is here is a picture of the gun/scope if you want more picture of the scope up close pm me and ill take them for you

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