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Scope Internals?

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Okay, so I get on one of my little "thinking" kicks, this time about scopes. Now, this stuff isn't rocket science, but for some dumb reason, I have a hard time finding the perfect rifle scope for my needs and budget. For example, I'm researching, looking for a good scope for the SC2 package rifles. Here are my requirements.

at least 12x mag, not more than 16x, adjustable preferred
70+ MOA elevation adjustments
target knobs
no more than $400

So, I find the sightron scopes, and I think I have a match. SII 3-12x mildot. Very nice match. only problem, no target knobs?!?! Which makes no sense to me. They have a 3-12x with target knobs, AO, but no mil-dots. :x Their 4-16x mildot scope only has 56 MOA adjustments, not enough to go extreme ranges.

So, I notice that there a lots of scopes kind of like this where I'd like to put target knobs on them. Then I start thinking, most all scopes come from the same 1 or 2 manufacturers. What if I were to buy a decent scope, and then what are the chances I could find a cheap scope that has target knobs (bushell, simmons, tasco, all make them) and then swap them? Well, I grab an old tasco from my gun room that has a broken reticule (I got it with an old rifle I bought, just for the action). I proceed to start ripping the scope a part. I get the turrets off, no problem, but here is where the tricky part comes in... I believe all the nitrogen just escaped when I yanked the turrets.

So, for all you scope guru's out there, exactly how do the manufacturers fill those tubes with nitrogen? Is it 100% nitrogen? Or do they just give it a squirt and then put the turrets on? If it seems doable, I might futher pursue this idea.

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I'm fairly certain that I read a thread on one of my other shooting sites abou companies that sell target scope knobs, that can be installed on most any scope without taking the scope apart. I'll venture forth to recon and report back.

You are probably referring to the "stoney point" knobs

This screw on in place of the dust covers. While a clever idea, its not a true replacement. For the SC2 scopes I need real target knobs, as I will have custom labeled cams made for the scope, but it requires true target knobs.

Perhaps you have heard of a different style?

Mel i would not reccomend taking apart any scope, as far as i know when leupold seals a scope, they place it in a vacume and pump and purge nitrogen into it 13 times before sealing it. Hell, i could be wrong though. You might want to look at burris though mel, for 60 dollars i think? They will install target knobs on most any of their scopes. They're fairly good optics and within your price range and target magnifcation. I am not aware of their adjustments or recticle. If you ever get hold of that meuller you might talk to them about giving you a couple more of them for some of your rifles. It seems to be the one scope that i can find, that meets all of your requirements and comes in under your price.
The only thing I could find was the Stoney Point knobs, but I swear that I saw something else that was being used. Continuing to look....

I really like Burris scopes, BUT, none of their mid range magnification scopes (12-16x on top end) have enough internal adjustments besides their 30mm scopes which are out of the price range. The 4-16x mueller they are sending me for an eval (after the holidays) has 60 MOA adjustments, which is about the minimum. It could be the match I'm looking for.

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