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Scope vertical limit problem

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I need a little help please. I have a Springfield Armory M1A with National Match barrel mounted in an Archangel stock. The scope mount is a Springfield Armory with a Leupold 8.5x25 LRP scope. I have shot the weapon with other ranges of Leupold scopes without problems. With this scope I am about 3 mils high at 100 yards. Sadly I have reached the low limit vertical stop in the scope (scope zero stop removed). The scope mount was a Warne 1 piece. I thought it might have been a 20 MOA so I installed a Weaver medium scope mount. It was not help. I have ordered low profile scope mounts but my math says it lowers the scope only 0.125 inches. I would like to keep the Springfield Armory picatinny mount if possible but would consider starting over with a Smith Enterprises mount.

I will appreciate any suggestions !!!
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See if you can rotate the scope mount 180. It may be on backwards.. Remount, then re-zero and put holes in paper and see where you are. Dont ask how I know to suggest:)
See if you can rotate the scope mount 180. It may be on backwards.. Remount, then re-zero and put holes in paper and see where you are. Don't ask how I know to suggest:)
Received low profile Weaver scope mounts yesterday and mounted the scope. I was surprised how much it enhanced eye relief and cheek weld. I hope to try 25 yd zero to assure it gets on paper at 100yds and then zero at 100 yards.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Try Burris Signature ZEE rings with offset inserts. Too much to say here, but this old vid should explain all.....
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FWIW - if you are not a member at I would highly recommend it. While every forum will have its aholes, there are some truly brilliant minds related to the M1a platform there.
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I had a chance to go yesterday and put it on at 25yards. The eye relief and cheek weld was much much better with the low profile mounts. Then I zeroed at 100 yards. End result is that I have some additional down vertical adjustment remaining. I feel ok with that because there will likely be no change to the ammo I use (M118LR) or scope.

I think the Springfield mount is high because it allows for using the peep sight with the scope mounted. That may contribute to the original problem. Also I have found other mounts that are lower not allowing use of the peep sight.

However if I do change the Leupold for a better scope to do long range shooting, you all have helped and I understand a bit better. Thanks for all the comments.
My personal preference in scopes is Vortex, unless I hit the Lotto then it's Tangent Theta. I have 1 TT and 5 Vortex scopes with Christmas tree reticles. Whatever you get make sure that it is a First Focal Plane Scope unless you want to have to deal with a ranging reticle that works only at one magnification power. I haven't bought a Leo in a while but they were all second focal plane when I bought years ago. I think I have 3 Leo's. Not sure what they are now.
I have 3 Leupolds. All are Mil dot reticle and front focal plane. I have used them for elk hunts but not shifting towards precision shooting. Next scope may be with a Christmas tree reticle.
See this old vid on how to get even more vertical adjustment capability.......
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