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I'm a total noob at precision shooting, actually haven't done much of any shooting in several years.

Recently I acquired a Remington 700 in .300 Win mag. She is left-handed and beautiful. We went to the range this weekend and had some quality time. It was on a 100 yd fixed course with paper targets but also with some gongs from 225 to 445. It is way cool watching that trace fly to 445. I'm hooked.

I want to fire a five round group at targets 100 yds, then 200, 300 etc out to perhaps 800.

I know of a 1000 yd range with shooting points every 100 yds but is only open for competitions and everyone is at the same distance. Not really of use for my purpose.

I'm thinking its a DIY kind of thing. I could make a stand-up target that could be moved. Then with a range finder I could simply walk back the desired distance.

The question then is land use. I'm in the Puget Sound area and I'm convinced that I need to go to the eastern side of the Cascades. There is a lot of BLM, national and state forests and parks.

So, my question really boils down to a request for information as to which bureaus would allow such activity on their land and a request for suggestions for particular locations.

In the meantime, I will cobble together a portable target.

Thanks for your input.
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