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semi auto 308

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I have been told by more than one person that it is not safe to reload a shell more than once, maybe twice in an m1a 308. They say that the severe movement of the action will tear the base of the shell off. Im wondering if that would be the same for all 308 semiautos and would it be the same for 223 semiautos.
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Depends on the manufacturer. Lapua makes strong casings that survive many reloads(One of the reasons why they are expensive). Norma also makes quite durable casings, although not up to the standards of Lapua. And many handloaders with semi-automatic rifles have no problem with those at least.
Nek - is correct. Some brass is softer than other brass, with Lapua being the strongest (which is why I just bought 1,000 .308 and am match prepping them as we speak). Some of the softest are Norma, and Federal Gold Medal Match - long story but that was the brass that I had used exclusivley up until about 3 weeks ago when I had 10 out of 25 cases undergo case separation all on the same day.

10 out of 25 in one day? Ouch, that's not fun.
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