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Semiautomatic V. Bolt Action

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I ran a quick search to make sure this wasn't redundant.

I noticed that the SR-25 seems to be gaining in popularity, but I wondered how accurate it would be in comparison to a "proper" sniper rifle, such as a M-40A3, which is current USMC issue, or the M-24 SWS, current US Army issue.

In my opinion, any semiautomatic rifle designed with a scope mount in mind is really a designated marksman's rifle, since my experiance with semiautomatics is limited to military-grade assault weapons restricted to semiauto, and a half-assed .22LR.

If by "Smoothing" the action on a semiautomatic, the accuracy that is required for a sniper rifle can be achieved to meet or exceed that of a traditional bolt-action rifle, then the Semiautomatic would fall out of the Designated Marksman's Rifle category (Such as the M-16A2/E3, and the SVD Dragunov) and into the realm of the sniper rifle. (Such as the HK PSG-1, Walther WA-2000.)

However, any accurate semiautomatic rifle I have heard of tends to be either too heavy or too delicate for military useage in a sniper role, such as the PSG-1 and the WA-2000. The M-21 and SVD-K rifles are surpassed by their bolt-action equivalents.

Therefore I suppose the question I am trying to ask at 0622 after no sleep for two days is:

- For operations in the realm of Military Sniping, would you prefer to be carrying a Bolt-Action or Semiautomatic rifle, based on your experiances and any knowledge gained?
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For urban landscapes , on a mission that encompased multiple targets and suppressive fire.... id take the semi auto.

For a single shot, anti personel , it would be the bolt action.

Surpassing accuracy is sometimes overwhelmed by the need to make consecutive followup shots, the need to use said rifle against targets which arent breathing (read mechanized) and the need for fast reacuisition of targets in a limited urban range. (I.E. >500m)
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