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Semiautomatic V. Bolt Action

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I ran a quick search to make sure this wasn't redundant.

I noticed that the SR-25 seems to be gaining in popularity, but I wondered how accurate it would be in comparison to a "proper" sniper rifle, such as a M-40A3, which is current USMC issue, or the M-24 SWS, current US Army issue.

In my opinion, any semiautomatic rifle designed with a scope mount in mind is really a designated marksman's rifle, since my experiance with semiautomatics is limited to military-grade assault weapons restricted to semiauto, and a half-assed .22LR.

If by "Smoothing" the action on a semiautomatic, the accuracy that is required for a sniper rifle can be achieved to meet or exceed that of a traditional bolt-action rifle, then the Semiautomatic would fall out of the Designated Marksman's Rifle category (Such as the M-16A2/E3, and the SVD Dragunov) and into the realm of the sniper rifle. (Such as the HK PSG-1, Walther WA-2000.)

However, any accurate semiautomatic rifle I have heard of tends to be either too heavy or too delicate for military useage in a sniper role, such as the PSG-1 and the WA-2000. The M-21 and SVD-K rifles are surpassed by their bolt-action equivalents.

Therefore I suppose the question I am trying to ask at 0622 after no sleep for two days is:

- For operations in the realm of Military Sniping, would you prefer to be carrying a Bolt-Action or Semiautomatic rifle, based on your experiances and any knowledge gained?
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mels right about reliability though there are many semi-autos that are legendary for reliability eg M14/21/25 out there, none are as reliable as a quality bolt gun
and acccuracy- semi-autos are more than capable of good bolt gun accuracy- getting 1/2 moa out of an AR-15 or 10 seems to be pritty common now
they should all be as accurate as the military ammo that they will be using (1 MOA with M118 and a bit better with M118 LR)

stocks- the M25/M1As have McMillian fiberglass stocks available but the AR-15s all just have the basic A2 buttstock
Knights Armament's SR-25 uses the same A2 buttstock that the M-16 uses... i think they make it a little more comforable but not that much better- no selection of buttstocks at all

for urban warfare id take a semi-auto, for outdoors in open environments, id go for a bolt gun for reliabiltiy and also they wont launch brass 10y
the spotter generally carries an M-16

DMRs are fine but there not sniper rifles, designated marksmen are by no means snipers
they dont have the same marksmanship training or the same concealment training etc
yep 20 rounds and a quicker way to reload is much better
besides you can shoot faster with a semi-auto if you have to- as fast as you can pull the trigger
id want to give the sniper the m24 sws and both carry m4 w/ the 203
also sidearm- rather have 1911 over m9 but whatever i could get better than nothin
yimmy, i have to disagree
if your the grenadier of today you will have an M-16 with an M203 on it, it will weigh a little more fine but if **** hits the fan and you need a firearm id rather have an M-16 than an M79 and an M9 or M1911 pistol

in addition the grenades anrt always useful there are some jobs a rifle does better at keeping somoene alive... id rahter not have the grenadier be a sitting duck in cqb or any other times you cant use a grenade
40mm buckshot? didnt know they had it but the weapon is only single shot so what happens when theres a 2nd BG???
i like that weapon....
all i can say is SWEET!!!!
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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