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Semiautomatic V. Bolt Action

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I ran a quick search to make sure this wasn't redundant.

I noticed that the SR-25 seems to be gaining in popularity, but I wondered how accurate it would be in comparison to a "proper" sniper rifle, such as a M-40A3, which is current USMC issue, or the M-24 SWS, current US Army issue.

In my opinion, any semiautomatic rifle designed with a scope mount in mind is really a designated marksman's rifle, since my experiance with semiautomatics is limited to military-grade assault weapons restricted to semiauto, and a half-assed .22LR.

If by "Smoothing" the action on a semiautomatic, the accuracy that is required for a sniper rifle can be achieved to meet or exceed that of a traditional bolt-action rifle, then the Semiautomatic would fall out of the Designated Marksman's Rifle category (Such as the M-16A2/E3, and the SVD Dragunov) and into the realm of the sniper rifle. (Such as the HK PSG-1, Walther WA-2000.)

However, any accurate semiautomatic rifle I have heard of tends to be either too heavy or too delicate for military useage in a sniper role, such as the PSG-1 and the WA-2000. The M-21 and SVD-K rifles are surpassed by their bolt-action equivalents.

Therefore I suppose the question I am trying to ask at 0622 after no sleep for two days is:

- For operations in the realm of Military Sniping, would you prefer to be carrying a Bolt-Action or Semiautomatic rifle, based on your experiances and any knowledge gained?
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The only long range shooting I've done has been with a bolt action rifle, but I think the sniper should retain the bolt action for all the reasons eveyone else has said above. The spotter could always carry a semi-auto that shares the same ammo. Use that to support the sniper if things go bad and they need to fight at close range. A DMR type rifle would be cool.

Hatchcock and Burke were able to keep a company pinned down for days and probably bump off 1/3 or more of them, with a bolt action and an M14 I'm pretty sure had no optics. Thats an extreme case but it shows what two people who know how to shoot can do.
Now that I think about it, I've seen spotters using the M16 or something like your match rifles or SR 25s Jeff. There were a couple international sniper concentrations that were made into TV shows about the Canadian army. USMC, Air force NG, Army and Army NG were all the top scorers I think. We were somewhere around 4th or 5th.

About the DMR, I meant a sniper using a DMR type rifle. Say instead of a big 3-9 variable, a scout type mount with a fixed 3 power scope would work. Be faster to target things up close than irons, allow him to shoot with both eyes open and give him more control over precision shooting at long ranges than a red dot would. And in an M14 platform it would be more effective than a .223 weapon.

Not trying to compare snipers to designated marksmen or call DMRs sniper rifles.
Happy to hear the Brits did good in that one...they were pretty low scoring in the one I saw, but they weren't allowed to bring their own ammo and had to rezero and shoot on the fly, they said.

Hopefully in an urban scenario you have people around to help you, whatever sniper rifle you may have in your hands. M16 with M203 would be nice for a spotter there, but just the two of them alone in that section of the city sounds ugly.
OICW (if perfected) would be a great compromise. The grenade launcher is a clip fed semi auto so with the push of a button you could switch to grenades to put out cover fire.....then switch back to rifle to defend yourself...
Don't forget to dip your punji stakes in good old you-know-what. Keep the AK set to "AB" and be careful! Yeah, after he was finished with the workout I think he ate that Volkswagen.

Ever use a "Kobra" or any other Russian collameter type red dot sight, AK? thinkin of slappin one on the SKS
Simple and effective works just fine for me. The only alternative I have found for the same price are bushnells that look big and cumbersome. I find using the SKS sights to be a pain. Thats just personal preference though. Instead of an SVD style side rail I want to drill and tap my receiver for a weaver style base and slap a Kobra or cheaper red dot on it. At least it will be faster to use than the post and notch sights.
lol I guess we don't really like topics set in stone...Discuss the subject the thread is about, then take it from there and run with it!

I'm good with aperture sights and mose "express" style hunting sights, but for some reason me and the SKS sights just don't jive...personal preference though. Long range work isn't really the forte of an SKS so I suppose I'll do it. Just a red dot I can put on the target and shoot to 3 moa lol. I'm gonna rig a weaver base onto a different cover (not the original even if its only a Chinese SKS) and mount the optic on that.
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