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Shipping firearms internationally

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I have a friend who, in the near future, will be studying abroad in Russia. He is going to see if he can ship back some Russian AK-47's. My question is: Does anyone here know what the procedure is for shipping firearms internationally. Could he take the gun apart and ship it in pieces back to the States or does he have to go through a firearms dealer? It was suggested to him that he hand it over to Customs and from there have it shipped to his local dealer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Shipping it in parts is illegal (when it comes to the receiver). You need to go through BATF and Customs and legally import the firearm. It is doable, but some weapons are not importable.

Anyone know if the Russians made any semi-automatic AK-47's?

Also, what makes up the process of getting a class III liscense? Is this something anyone can get or do you have proof you need it. For example, being in law enforcement or being the owner of a gunstore?
Class III is actually if you want to be a dealer of NFA weapons. In order to own one, you need to get a form four with a tax-stamp. This is not a terribly difficult problem, it just takes time and $200 for the stamp. It requires finger printing and registering the weapon. Check out BATF's web site.

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