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Shooting data

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I have seen the Sniper Data Book on here and I am wondering if there is a data program or something for a Palm Pilot? Thanks in advance.
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I know there are ballistic's tables and charts for Palm, including wind compensation, but have not heard about anything for a data book.

It would certainly be eay enought to create a standard page in Word, WordPerfect, or excel then insert it into your palm.
I'll have to put a little more thought into it. 5 o'clock sure needs to hurry up.
I would agree with jeffvn on this one. I think you could easily use one of the already popular palm software / spreadsheet applications to accomplish everything you need. I personally try to keep the number gadgets (that invariably fail) down to a minimum, but it would be nice to have the computing power to crunch/search the numbers.

Now I just have to find someone smart enough to show me how to do it. :?
Badshot - you have plenty of time. I just called and ASC is closed until thursday.
Mele - try this one. The site is pretty well done and the equipment works on old or new PALM gagdets.

I just seen that they are closed. i got a real close look at a closed range when i drove up out there. You can imagine what i said. I thought it was closed this weekend.
So did I. But I called first, just to make sure. They are open Thursday through at least Saturday. I'll be there Tursday night for .45s.
I'll be there for my 300 then.
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