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Shooting Gloves

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I was considering buying a fairly nice pair of shooting gloves and I was wondering if you guys also shot with gloves on and what brand or type of gloves you would reccomend?
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If I ever use a glove, hands down I cannot use anything but the framing gloves from the deluth catalog.

Edit: Brand is Ironclad.
military issued nomex gloves (tip of trigger finger cut off, for trigger feel of course). These are the same gloves that are used by tank/aircraft crews

Same nomex gloves that Mel mentioned but we used to "borrow" them from the chopper pilots and crew (even though they smelled of fuel) that hauled us around.
Is Nomex a fairly light, breathable material? I dont want my hands to get really sweaty :oops:
Jeff, Mel,

What about Mechanix M-16 (<---just what they are called) nomex gloves? I was considering nomex gloves, however it is really hot here, as Jeff knows :wink: , and I am notorious for being really hard on my gear.
Err... not sure I know what M16 Machanix gloves are....

The nomex gloves fit tight (I like) and are "fairly" rugged, but not extremely. They breath fairly well and I've used them at NTC, Ft. Benning, Gowen Field and many other hot climates. They were fine... but I'm fairly heat tolerant.

Mechanix M16 gloves are basically gloves that were designed for race car mechanics. They are made out of two layers of Dupont Nomex III: 9oz. on the outside from the forearm to fingertips and 6oz on the inside.

What I really like about them is that they are outfitted with a "tacky" material on the index and thumb which allows for great friction and allegged sensitivity. The index might not be suitable for trigger feel. Another reason why I was interested in them is becuase the forearm extension has a gauntlet that seals with an elastic cuff and gaitor which would seal very nicely over a uniform or suit.

What I don't like is that, until I try these I won't know but I suspect they will be quite HOT! The double Nomex III layer and abrasion resistant fabrics might be overkill, but it makes for a versatile glove. Plus the index finger might also be an issue. But as with the Military issued Nomex gloves, I could just cut it off. :wink:
They sounds decent, only concern would be "tactical color?"

Nomex breaths pretty well, the nomex flight suits are rather cool in hot weather. But of course, if you have many layers, its not gonna be the same.

You can get them black. Anyway, heres a link for mine. As a side note, if your worried about breathability, you could always get some cloose cotton gloves and clip the fingers, and stitch on skateboard griptape.

Edit: Forgot to put my link!

The only other color cofigurations I have seen are with the M's in white and everything else in black. I think I might try a pair, from eBay of course, since they might not work well. Thought you might want to see for yourself.

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Wow, thats a serious glove!! Honestly, they look thick. I wonder how useful they will be. The thing I like about the nomex pilots gloves is that they are tight fitting and no not hender your motor skills much when using them. (i.e. you can pick up tiny things, and do just about anything you can when not wearing gloves. The M16 gloves look questionable ....)

But the ebay idea sounds good. Get a pair cheap, try them out, then let us know.

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