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shooting open sights

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Ok, I didn't exactly know where this sort of question should go, so I put it under the Misc. section. How exactly do you sight in open sights. Is there a way to bore sight them just like a scope? so when you go out to the range you are at least relatively close?
My problem is I have a muzzleloader that when I first bought it shot beautifully. But they were cheap plastic sights and the front sight broke one day, so I had them replaced with some other sights, now the darn thing will barely hit the paper at 50 yards. When I finally got it close, it was shooting 8 inches low at 50 yards and I have the rear sight cranked up all the way. Could anyone help me on this? I can share more info if anyone is interested in helping me. Thank you.
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Well, if you have nice micrometer peep sites, you zero it just like a scope. But when you are restricted to just the typical blade sites, you have to get creative. In your particular case, you can file down the front blade, by making it shorter will raise the barrel and impact. Get a nice metal file and work slowly until you get the hang of it. You can get one of the touching up bluing pens, or even paint the top of the blad white or red when you are done.

You'll need to file down the front sight if you have already run out of adjustment in the rear. This is not uncommon for traditional-style open sights. I like to sight in for a six-o'clock hold on my target. This allows precise aiming without covering up your target with the front sight. For bore-sighting, you should be able to remove the barrel and then the breech plug (most muzzle-loaders will have one) and sight down the bore. Put the barrel in a stable platform ( a shooting vise is preferred) and look thru the bore at as distant an object as you can easily focus on. Fix the barrel with the object centered in the bore and then adjust the sights to align on the target. This should get you close.

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