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Shooting question

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Ok I think I am doing something wrong. Everytime I shoot my 700p 308 the forgrip jumps off the front bag like there is a hinge on my shoulder when I shoot from the bench. I watch others shoot and they don't seem to have the problem. I loosened up a little and it felt like the gun was going to run off with my shoulder. I have been shooting 12 guage shotguns (trap shooting) since I was 8. I have no poblem with them in matter of fact after shooting a 200 round ATA event my shoulder doesn't bother me yet I shoot 20 rounds from my 308 and I am flinching towards the end. I realized the stock recoil pad on a 700p is about worthless as they get. Would that make a difference? I have thought about having HS Precision install one of there mercury recoil reducers but am not sure. Any thought/help is much appreciated.
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What kind of ammo are you using? Those 700P's have if I remeber correctly a 24 inch bull barrell. The only thing that I can think of that would do that would be shooting some really heavy grain bullets.
I only have shot 168 Black Hills from her. My 700p is a 26" barrel.

Could be a lot of things.....have another shooter look at you while you shoot....or take a picture and see how you brace the butt on your shoulder. I feel more comfortable prone with a 700p HS stock then I do benched and bagged. Just depends on the shooter. A good stock might help you a bunch....a cheap little recoil pad might do the trick. I wouldn't recommend going as far as a muzzle break for a .308 but have seen it done before.

Practice different types of form.
how many rounds have you fired through it
you should just simply et used to it
mine is in .308 too, the first time i fired 200 some odd rounds throuhg it and felt it in my shoulder
now i can shoot it all day and have absolutely no problem
its just something you get used to
if youve only fired it a few times take it out another time and another time after that
if it doesnt get any better try getting another recoil pad
also try shooting in diffent positions too
This may sound silly, but go pick up a crappy 22LR and try firing it in the same position. IF your still jerking them, it could be that your jerking the trigger or not braced enough. IF your not , then it could be that your anticipating the recoil of the .308 and tensing your body.
I would recommend staying away from a mercury recoil reducer just based on the haz-mat implications of having it around.
All my trap shotguns have had them in there for years with no problems. I think I am going to go out and try shooting prone. For some reason bench shooting does it to me. I remember shooting offhand with no problems so maybe it is my body position.
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