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i was looking at the burris fulfield II 3-9x 40mm but the problem was that it was going on a cz 452 .22lr and i would be shooting at both 50y and 100y (longest free ,state run , shooting range in the area) and the paralax on the burris is 100y and i didnt want to spend any more money on a scope.

my questions is if i had the burris adjusted to 50y paralax how would it shoot at 100y and beyond (if i find a range)?

my other question is about the quality of the simmons scopes i found the "Simmons ProAirgun 4-12x40" it has adjustable paralax, and target knobs with 1/8 moa or the "whitetail expidition 4-12x42" same as air pro but with 1/4 moa .

this option ends up being half as much (burris is $200 + $20 for paralax and + $80 for target knobs) but if simmons are crap and the burris will be ok at 50y and out then i dont know what i will do?

im new so any suggestion are welcome.


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You need to contact Burris about your paralax question, they should be able to help you with no problem. I have no experience with setting the paralax down like that and knowing what it'll do further out. Sorry.

In terms of Simmons scopes, I tend to avoid them. They are "okay" for a low end scope, butif you can afford it, I'd go with burris or other higher quality scope manufacturer. If you can't afford it, the scope will work okay for a while.

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