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When it a came to handguns or long guns my dad taught me to put a dime balanced on the front sight then dry fire the weapon. It is a trick I use until this day and when training new guys use the same thing with them. When you fire and the dime stays put you are teaching muscle memory to utilize proper trigger manipulation and when the time comes for a real fight you will not make the mistakes that will cause you to miss under stress.

Along with this trick is the use of a metal folding chair you can easily obtain one. Set your stop watch or other timing devise start off at a comfortable test to see exactly how long you can keep the chair extended on from of you legs should with a part do not allow your back to bend. This creates extremely strong stabilizer muscles and between the two will ale you a better shot. This is not a he-man competition when you feel uncomfortable push yourself just a little after a couple weeks raise the time limit and you will be amazed at how well you are closing shot groups.

The dime training also helps with third eye shooting allowing you to to not jave to rely so heavily on your sight picture in handgun combat.
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