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Sniper Central 1st Official Postal Match

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Okay, its the moment everyone has been waiting for, the first official SC Postal Match!!!

Since this is the first official postal match, we will keep it simple to test the processes and see how it works.

So, without further ado, here is the official target, provided by the folks at


And now the rules.
1) Targets are to be POSTMARKED on or before Jan 31st.
2) Targets are to be fired from the prone.
3) Bi-pods and sand socks are allowed.
4) Sand Bags are NOT allowed. (Sand sock is for the buttstock only)
5) Distance is 100 yards.
6) There is to be NO MORE then 5 bullet holes on your official target
7) Only 1 shot will be scored PER rhino. If there are two bullet holes in the center of one rhino, only 1 will count.
8 ) Scoring is:
Very center dot - 10 points
Inner Ring - 5 points
Outter Ring - 3 points.
Max possible - 50 pts.
9) Unlimited Caliber.

Okay, not exactly a tactical target, but it'll work for the first time out, and should be fun. You can shoot as many targets as you would like, but only one is to be sent in.

Tie breaker will be smallest average of 5 shots to CENTER of targets.

Guys, this is all based on the honor system, and will only be fun if you are honest. There is nothing to gain by cheating, please do not make me require a signature from an "observer" on the target.

That being said, there MAY be a prize for the winner! So participate! I'll keep it a surprise to prevent people from being tempted to cheat :wink:

Send your official targets to:
Sniper Central
2813 Carla Jo Lane
Missoula MT, 59803

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mele said:
9) Unlimited Caliber.
When I use the .50 and blow out the entire rhino, do I get points for hitting the center dot as well as its surrounding rings, or just the center dot? :lol:

When you say "prone," that means lying on the ground?

Scatch Maroo
mel, im going to need a distance here...

I also think that unlimited practice targets should be shot... but when you choose to shoot a target for commit to sending that target... no matter what the score.
Count me in.
When I use the .50 and blow out the entire rhino, do I get points for hitting the center dot as well as its surrounding rings, or just the center dot? Laughing
Heheh... you only get the "highest" dot point. Believe it or not, I actually thought about any .50 shooters out there, but figured it probably would not matter, and since they are charging rhino's, I figured a big bore SHOULD have a slight advantage.....

mel, im going to need a distance here...
Rule #5. 100 Yards

Can we shoot it at 50yds for our 22lr also?
If ya wanna go toe to toe with a rhino at 50 yards with a 22lr you're a better man than I :p

And remember everyone...No match ammo...unethical for hunting! lol
Just kidding, only trying to level my playing field.
To ease confusion, you need to shoot the targets at 100yards even with a .22 LR.

We will probably have specific .22 LR competitions in the future, and even a rimfire & centerfire classes. But for this first one, everyone gets the same target at the same distance.

Well I just 10" of snow and you expect me shoot prone? ;-) Sounds like fun. HA
Love shooting in the snow, the bipod is a lot less jumpy.

Easier to get into a comfy position too

Is there a scope magnification limit?
Are there any other rifle restrictions like muzzel brakes, or factory ammo only?
Me and my wife want to give this a try but her rifles all have brakes on them.
Nope, no restrictions in terms of scopes or muzzlebrakes. Have fun!

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that the target is to be printed on a 8.5x11" piece of paper.

I figure one of you chaps would try to blow it up to a 40"x50" posterboard... :D

im gonna TRY to do it but i have to get to the range but ill have to see about the weather
2 places i can go
1 is 45 mins away, the other is 1 hr 15 mins away but both are on the highway and were getting more snow :(
My evil plan is foiled! Curses, Mele...curses *shakes fist*

I figure one of you chaps would try to blow it up to a 40"x50" posterboard...
Get out of my head!

Ah, I see Muzzleblast got to it first.
can i use buck shot...just joking
count me in, but have you ever seen a fat one legged man get into prone position? now thats gonna be funnier than my shots!!
sittin on a bench would be so much easier
whens the deadline for turnin in our target or did i miss it somewhere
not be overly confident and arrogrant, but just to psych you guys out...I AM GOING TO EMBARASS YOU ALL!
Don't worry, no matter how badly you shoot we won't be embarassed. :twisted:


Oh man, now I feel bad!!! Well.... I at least wish I was there to watch :shock: (just ribbing you)

The targets must be postmarked on or before Jan 31st. (that was rule #1 :wink: )

For the international competitors (yes, its open to the world). If you could let me know if you sent a target via email or PM it would help me out, so I know wether I need to wait longer or not for the targets to arrive. Domesticly, everything should get to me in about a week if sent 1st class USPS.

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