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Sniper Schools

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I was just sitting here the other day and I was thinking about sniper schools...and I began to wonder how many there where and where are they the question is how many and where at?
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US Army is at Ft. Benning GA.
The Army NG has their own at Littlerock Arkansas (as of yet, it does not award the B4 identifier, only Benning does that)
SOTIC - JFK Special Warfare School Ft Bragg NC
USMC Scout Sniper - Quantico VA.
USMC has other division level schools.

Thats about it for the US military schools. There are several schools put on by federal law enforcement agencies (FBI, DOE, etc). of course, there are the civilian ran schools also... hundreds of those... but I don't follow them.

Dunno how good they are though, hard to say. No one drops out or gets flunked, since people pay to be there lol.
Yep, exactly. Unlike the military schools where 50% is about the average pass rate. (56% of my class passed..... on the high side :D )

The FBI school I went to, everyone passed, but they had the time to spend with individual students that were stuggling (They actually wanted the students to learn and pass... what a novel concept), and the quals were mainly marksmanship...unlike military schools. There were many classes on hides, tactics, etc, just not practical qual on them.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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