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Snipes Remington M700

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There you go buddy ....its not the easiest system I know. Nice Rifle!!

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thatnks it shoots great 1/4" at 100 havent had a chance to shoot it farther yet. Yeah the first pic i didnt have my knob yet.
thats great performance
im sure you gonna have fun takin this rifle way out there :)
It has a Mcmillen A-5 stock, 29.5 Shilen super match fluted barrel, Shilen trigger, all trued and blueprinted M700 action, badge ordance rings and bases, and knob, harris bipod, Night Force 5.5x22x56 scope, ihave a diffent bolt handle but cant think of the name right now, and thats about it.
Oh yeah and its a 300WM Lata
awesome setup but must be costly
and its .300 Win mag so it should be equally impressive at longer ranges like 1 km or more ;)

Great looking rifle. I have a question about your rings and base. I have the same scope as you and I am having serious ring and base problems with my 300 RUM. Would you tell me what height rings those are and is your mount the 20 MOA slant? If you have the Badger part numbers that would make it alot easier to see exactly what I need. I am planning to make an order very soon since my leupold rings and rear base aren't holding up. Thanks.

Its about a 4 to 5 thousand dollar set up i dont know the exact amout off hand I dont think I really wanna know. Well i dont think i would change anything if i could on it.


I will have to check on what there height is I think they are the high mounts and the are 20 MOA bases. Its a expensive set up but the way i see it is ur scope and rifle are only as good as ur rings and base. I will let u know for sure tom what height they are. Lata
Thanks Snipe

They are the high rings i checked today i would give u the serial # on them but i dont have my gun cuz a guy is working up a load for it. Hope this helps. Lata
Thanks again Snipe.

The part numbers for the Badger gear are as follows:

Badger one piece base LA with 20MOA cant: P/N 306-07
Badger high rings (1.125" high): 306-09

Check this out:

I've done good research on these. Check out the thread on them, don't remember where exactly it was but its there.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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