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When do we get to see more pictures of that m-24?
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My thoughts are, you've seen one M24 you've pretty much seen them all. I want to see a Tac Ops in a A5 stock, that'd be pretty sweet rifle I think.
Ahh well i cant seem to find very good pictures of the whole m-24 kit just a zoomed out version of the rifle only
Tac Ops with an A5 stock would be hot
Tac Ops Lima 51 is an A4 stock should be a sweet rifle
any of the Tac Ops come w/ a McMillian stock since they are already expenisve to begin with id keep the great stock they have on there heh
Well, not sure if you have seen the pictures here or not

Also, Tac-Ops has got a version out with the A5 stock, I'm trying to get some pics and an evaluation soon.

Yeah, Iv seen those but i wanted to get a closer look at the kit because its the same as the SRT/MO's use and thast what i want to acheive when i enlist.

What kind of sling does the M24 come with? Been looking for a rugged leather sling like the one on the M24. Any suggestions.....Thanks.
Believe it or not, the USMC and the US Army still use the legendary M1907 sling (yep, thats the year it was adopted). It can be seen here

Now, I've heard rummer the US Army may be issueing a new sling, or at least has put a new one on the "Accepted alternative" list.... perhaps someone can verify that.

Forgot to also mention, tac-ops rifle with the A5 stock is called hte xray-51 or xray-66 (depending on caliber). They are suppose to be sending me some images of one soon. The rifle will be available in a few months for order.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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