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something better than 308win?

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Would one of the new super efficient 30 cal short magnums not be superior in accuracy, trajectory, power, to the 308 win? Hathcock once said the 308 Win would still be the snipers choice going into the new millennium. Is the 308 Win accuracy beyond being challenged? Or is it simply a matter of the availability that comes with being a military round?
The 300 Win mag is obviously popular with long range shooters. How does its accuracy compare with the 308 Win?
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its a more powerful longer range cartridge
the .308 is proven effective
it kicks less
makes less noise
is highly effective from 600-800m and is VERY accurate
the .300 Win mag is more effective byond that range though teh .308 can reach out to 1000m if needed
MOST tactical rifles are chambered it
also snipers are issued a rifle in .308 regardless of what they think of the round
there is .308 ammo avaialbe for military snipers and lots of it so they have to sue it
Jeff_850 said:
also snipers are issued a rifle in .308 regardless of what they think of the round
I found that line hilarious, the mental image of an insensitive company commander being quite funny.

Scatch Maroo
heh well most snipers probably dont see anything wrong with the .308 unless thier demands exceed those of the average sniping situation
and i dont see why most owould have a problem with it

and if they did need a better cartridge it would probably be hard since they cant bring thier own rifles
special forces would have more weapons to choose from depending on a given situation but infantry snipers are 'stuck' with the M24 SWS if they are Army and M40A3 if they are Marines but i dont think any of them consider themselves 'stuck' with those rifles more like glad they have such great rifles even if they dont love every feature
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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