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I wrote this a few months ago,but i ususally dont let people read my writing,but i figured you guys would apreciate it.

Boots On The Ground

The sound of boots hitting dirt
The rat-tat-tat of distant rifle fire
A single soldier in the middle of this god forsaken land
But he stands strong
He’s Americas best
A Ranger patch on his shoulder
And silver wings on his chest
He jumped from a plane
And ran in from there
Carrying his rifle
And everything to prepare
For tonight they’d assault
They’d go in by air
But not from a plane
No not this time my friend
They’d go in from helo
him and ten other men
It was supposed to be simple
Just hit the ground,run and grab
But this Ranger didn’t see the trap that they had
A single man who pretends he is dead
But he stands up and shoots this poor Ranger instead
He heard the gun fire
He saw the muzzle flash
And the next thing he knew he fell with a crash
He felt his bones break
He saw his blood fly
And that’s the last thing he saw
For this poor Ranger,he died
His family would mourn
And so would his friends
But would the country join them in this sad state of mind
Of course they would not
It doesn’t fit with the times
Instead they’d rather mock,snicker and sneer
At these soldiers that die,Year after year
They don’t know the trials these men face
The things that they do to keep up with the pace
They have to kill there own fellow man
Just to keep you all safe
So you can make a stand
Against these brave men who fight,get injured and die
These brave men that do it,just for you and I
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