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Source for Lapua and Norma Ammunition ??

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I am looking for a source in the USA where I can purchase any/all of the following loads for 6.5x55 Swedish.

Lapua C316032 123gr Silver Jacket
Lapua C316030 139gr Silver Jacket
Norma 16530 6,5x55 DL Fält (Diamond Line)

These are loaded ammo, not components. Thanks

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I got the link to this site from the US importer of Lapua products. They said that as of right now they don't have an online ordering partner, but they are working on it.

Looks like you have one long ass drive to get to the retailer in MT. I am going to check the stores in some of the different states to see if there are any big names with online/mail order capabilities.

However I would think that you could probably buy direct from the US importer, if you got listed as a distributor, not sure how that works.


O yah, here is the US distributor info for Lapua:

Kaltron Pettibone Inc.
1241 Ellis Street
IL 60106

Tel. +1-630-350-1116

EDIT: Cut all of the Norma crap I posted, was links to reloading supplies for the most part. I will look for more after the weekend.
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Talk to Celt at H.D. Rifles. He sells the Lapua .30 cal ammo and may be able to get you what you want.

Thanks guys, I'm checking those resources now
Found this site. I have never purchased anything from him. If price is any indication, then this stuff is good cause it's freakin expensive!

He does have like 6 different 6.5x55 ammo that he loads.

Here is a link to some online ammunition retailers as well. I searched through most of them for what you were looking for, no luck but I figured its not a bad reference site.


I just talked to the US importer. The basic breakdown from them is they have two levels of pricing for distributors.

Master level: Orders of greater than $5000 dollars at a time
Regular level: Orders less than $5000 dollars at a time

She called it something other than regular level, but I can't remember what it was exactly. She didn't want to give me too much information since I am not a FFL dealer. I shot you an email with her contact information in case you wanted to talk to her about this.

Ok, more info for ya!

I just talked to Goerge Brenzovich of Brenzovich Firearms and Traning center. He is currently an importer working in conjunction with Kaltron. He said that since the sporting and long range shooting group has been neglected as far as what loads are imported, he has been working on getting the situation improved. I asked him about the 6.5x55 and he said that he is working on that round, but it is not in yet.

He told me to call back in two days to get more information. I paraphrased what he said above, so don't hold him to anything that I have posted! But from what he said, it sounded very encouraging as far as the availability of some of the harder to get Lapua rounds.

I will update this thread after I talk to George on Wednesday.

HD Rifles just responded and said they can get the 6.5 loads from lapua, I'm sending him the exact loads and how much so he can get me a quote.

Jeff from HD rifles got back to me with pricing on the Lapua ammo. I specifically asked about the 123 gr Scenar loads, both silver (moly) and non silver.

The prices are very resonable, and INCLUDE shipping.

6.5X55 123GR Scenar $21.00 a box shipping included./ $585.00 a case of 600
shipped to your door
6.5X55 123GR Scenar silver $23.00 a box shipping included./ $599.00 a case
of 600 shipped to your door.

I am building a 6.5x55 SC3A2 right now, and will probably be ordering some ammo for the accuracy testing of this rifle. He also said he could check into larger quanitites for a group buy.

Anyway, Jeff has been very helpful and I would recommend going through him.

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Hey, Mel, I have a question about that 6.5X55 ammo.

How are those bullets for hunting? Are they just BTHP type or could they be used for hunting? I'm just trying to find some alternative 6.5 ammo since the good stuff I use now Hornady doesn't manufacture any more (doesn't that tick you off when you have good ammo but the company stops making it).
These particular loads are for match shooting, so yes, HPBT type of bullets, not really good for hunting. Now, HD Rifles is a master dealer for Lapua, so I would imagine they can get any of the Lapua loads for you. They make some good hunting loads that far exceed the USA Made loads for this caliber.

It appears that Lapua loads 3 loads for the 6.5x55 that are specifically geared toward hunting. (100gr, 140gr & 155gr)

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