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SpEcToR!! where'd you find that $175 burris spotting scope?

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i've been considering one as well, but the deal you found,$175 shipped, was beter than anything i saw. thanks.....
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:lol: Ooukay, you could have just PMd me bud :lol: You didn't have to post it like this. :lol:

This is the equivalent to me eating at a restaurant. Then you walk in and yell across the room, asking me about the spotting scope. :lol: Pretty funny stuff when I saw it.

Well sorry to say that this price was for a spotter that an individual was selling brand new with the soft case, hard case, tri-pod and a custom tactical aftermarket piece for the tri-pod. He received it as a gift and didn't have a need for it so he was selling it. It was not a store but I did find the 20-60x80mm Landmark for about 169 at Midway USA.

That deal however, does not include shipping or the cases or tri-pods. In the future just PM me man. I'll be happy to help out. :wink:
thanks specter, and i apologize if i violated any forum etiquette, i wasn't aware of the PM option. the only other forum i've ever used is a bicycling forum,and this stuff happens there all the and learn !! thanks again.....
No worries exPatriot. You can post it like that if want. Mel is probably the only guy that would say something but he is a good guy too. He wouldn't kick you out or anything.

Take it easy. 8)
Thats it!!! I've had enough of the both of you! You are both banned for life for such poor judgement!


Just kidding guys! Welcome aboard expatriot (care to explain your name?)

thanks guys,glad to be here....and to answer your question mel, i feel like a bit of an idiot because it turns out that my handle is mis-spelled. it should have been "expatriate",meaning someone who has left his homeland. i've been living down in the caribbean working as a dive instructor and yacht crewman since '91,though i just returned home and will hopefully stay here. guess i need to come up with a new handle. how 'bout..."repatriated"? :D
Mel might be able to fix it for you. :wink:

Welcome aboard.
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