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Springfield 1911a1

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For a long time I've wanted a 1911 45. My dad has a combat commander and a gov. model, and I love them both. I want quality(of course), but don't want to pay for it. My friend got a springfield 1911a1 GI for Christmas. It retails for like $420 and I've heard nothing bad about them. Anyway, we're taking it out in the next couple of days to see how it does.
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Where are the pics?

I don't even have a digital camera. My friend has a nice one, though, so I'll try to get him to post some. It might be a few days before we do it though. It's been below zero most of this week and shooting starts to lose its appeal when it gets that cold. the nearest indoor range is about 60 miles away which takes quite a chunk out of the day. I'm going to try to borrow my dad's pistols to compare.
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