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Springfield Armory Scopes

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I just bought a Rem 700 PSS in .308, and am trying to decide between a Leupold Mk4 or a Springfield Armory Tactical optics scope. I think that the Price of the Springfield will be the ultimate deciding factor. I was wondering if anyonw had any experience with these, and if they liked them. Im probably going to get the 6-20x50 or the 4-16x50, both are illuminated. Thanks guys.
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The MK4 is a very nice scope......I heard someone else is making Springfield scope though (I think....but I have been wrong on some occasions) and that they are not as good.....go to a store to where you can compare the glass first......Some companies to cut down on costs will just use doublers in thier scopes to help acheve more distance.....unfortunatly it breaks down clarity. No Point on having a 17x scope if you can't read the title of a book at 100 yards.
The SA Scopes are fine. They have many good features for the money, but its not really fair to compare them to a Leupold Mk4. The Mk4 has superior optics, its in a different price category.

What flea was referring to is that SA Scopes are OEM. They do not build them. They are built for SA from a company in Japan (grrrr... name slips me now...). This is the same company that builds the "Super Sniper" scopes, (the ones Tasco used to sell, but is now a product of SWFA). They are also good scopes.

Im loking for a scope that will be acurate at 700m, with possibility for more. Which one would be the best choice, and is there really a difference in distance capability with these scopes? When you say the optics are better in the leopold, do you mean the SA scopes are not as clear?
All these scopes will get you to 700 Meters.

Yes, clearer and better light transmission

If you are at all price conscious, you really need to look at the Burris scopes. They are IMHO the best value on the market today. I have Zeiss, Leupold, Kahles and Nightforce scopes on rifles I own, but the Burris is equal to or better than any of these even in low-light conditions. Optics are excellent and the scopes are hell for stout. Adjustments are precise and repeatable too. Check out their websight and compare!! I think Cabella's has them on their websight too. Make sure to look into the ballistic-plex. I have this on three different rifles (.243, 25-06 and 30-06) and it works pretty damn well!!! I love my Zeiss, Leupold, etc., but for the money you're going to have to do some convincing to get me to buy anything but Burris from now on!

K2 is correct. I will have a review of a Burris Fullfield II 3-9x up on the site in about 2 weeks. So far the results have been excellent

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