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Springfield M21 Tactical Rifle

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can someone let me know if this would be a good set up ? or should i spend that kind of money on a different one and if so can you give me some examples
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If you are asking if there is a better M14 variant, then I don't think you will find one much better than Springfield. I can't think of any other company that makes an M14 variant on the scale of Springfield.
i am asking if this would be set up for a sniper rifle or should i get some kind of bolt action rifle and is so which one
it depends what you want
if you want a sweet semi-auto Springfield Armory's line of M14/M1A types are great but VERY expensive... $3000-3400 i believe
the M1A National match, M1A Super match, M21, M25 and the rest of thier line are sweet
im thinking of an M1A Super match w/ a mcmillian stock for myself in the not so distant future
a tactical operations sierra or tango cost only a few hundred more and are the ulimate bolt guns for accuracy they even come with a 1/4 MOA guarentee
a Sniper Central SC1 is 1/2 the cost of the M21 also
Jeff said it very nicely. You need to decide what the mission is, if it then comes down to needing a semi auto, then start looking at whats available. Personally, I really like the SA rifles if I'm looking for a semi. I especially like the Super Match with McMillan (same one jeff_850 mentioned).

aspecially with the USMC Camo pattern :)
if my uncle can give me his usual 'disount' im getting it for sure
they guarnetee 1 MOA too and they better have if thier rifle costs so damn much
and its a nice looker :)

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They only promise 1 moa? heck, a tikka hunting rifle comes with a 1 moa guarantee!

Heh heh, just kidding Jeff, I bet thats gonna be one sweet shooter, and well under their guarantee. Money well spent...especially at your discounts! :p
they come w/ a 1 MOA guarentee
with a good shooter, optics, and quality match ammo
id expect those groups to really tighten up :)
the M25 has a 1/2 moa guarnetee to my knowledge its just the same thing w/ a fancier stock and no irons?
M1A National Match

What do you guys think about Springfield Armory's M1A National Match... I'm preparing to order one and could use some help deciding. In Portugal / Europe M21 and M25 it's out of question... and Super Match also ...amazing.

What about Fullton Armory stuff? How do they compare to SA?

Just curious Mel, do you have any plans and adding a m14 variant to any of your SC lines in the future? Don't mean to add anything else, since your plate is so full right now. Was just wondering if this might be something you have any interest in before I start pestering you about it! :twisted:

I have no personal experience with any of FA stuff, but since they sell the receivers I was curious.


Lets say for instance that I "was" interested in doing an M14 variant. What would be expected or desired in such a rifle?

well theirs not much i cant order from springfield with the rifle, i can choose on a M25 (the Carlos Hathcock version),or a super match, the SA site does not give MOA for the M25,but does state the Super Match will do Sub MOA with match ammo, i figure the m25 does the same. I can get a Hart, Douglass or Krieger heavy stainless barrel as an option on the national, super,M21 &M25, the only thing differant i can tell from the M21 and M25 version to the National and Super match is the Stocks(wood synthetic, USMC camo ext...) and that the M25 carry no iron sights and a diffenent muzzle break, plus the M25 uses a rail mount and the M21 Has what i think they call a H-bar mount for optics, it mounts to the side. the National and Super has no optic mounts with it "option". I havent broken one down to see how smooth the action is but if i remember right their hand assembled at the custom shop so their shouldnt be much to fix. the only thing i can think to add to a SA is the McMillian M2A stock in tiger stripe DuraCoat, pick my optic mount and a US optics 10X, sorry so long, hope you get everything i said
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after thought, has the M21 or 25 ever had a Sound Suppresor, I would think it would need to be a "Wet" system for the first shot, down side it would make that rifle very long, and when SA says heavy barrel how heavy, eh probably stuipid thought. Just popped into my head also but i dont know how it could be done a M25 in .338. I already see problems like, Tuning the gas operated action, Magizine the .338 is longer than 308, also the bolt would need to except the new casing, ah to much work for me but it would be way cool
mele said:
Lets say for instance that I "was" interested in doing an M14 variant. What would be expected or desired in such a rifle?

An exact copy of the m1 garand with synthetic stock and a quarter MOA guarantee would be nice, but so would a ferrari and i think they might cost the same.

Id really like a M14 with a good match grade barrel, gun coated, floated, fluted and bedded with a McMillian. Needs to be either a .243, 270 , 30-06 or one of the Winchester magnums and have that .5 moa guarantee. I would never ever ever ever ever want to see a stovepipe or Fail to feed/eject due to the action (provided that i use proper rounds and keep it clean.) Bipod and a leupold would be our part. I might actually like to see irons. Shipped with a 10 round mag for around 1600.00.

OH, one more thing. A LOGO. WE NEED A LOGO. NOW! PLEASE!
thought the M25 Carlos Hathcock model has a 1/2 moa guarnetee

M25 in .338 lol i M1A actions are for .308s the .338 is too fat and too long for it

the match barrels arnt thin, they are heavier under the handguards ... anyId=1246
lol the hathcock model isnt a garand either.... the M1 Garand and the M14 are two totally different beasts from what I understand. Most of the old service rifles shoot 2MOA if your lucky.

And I guess i should say something instead of match grade barrel. How about a barrel that doesnt suck and is lapped parallel to the travel of the bullet? With a flash hider.
yea the Garand rifle isnt state of the art now adays
im not sure how the new SA M1 Garands do but lets not forget that the origional garands are 60 years old
ya, i know the 338 is to fat, but it would be cool, and how did we get started on the M1. and all the SA site says is sub MOA with mach grade ammo, i'm sure it could be .5moa
my M1A match shoots 1/2 MOA when its scoped with Federal match, the M1 Garand today if i had to guess shoots 3/4 to 1 moa as most non-match quality semi-autos i find tend to
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