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stainless steel barrel re-finish in black

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Hello, I am planning in getting a remington barrel 416R Stainless Steel in308 for a project rifle. I would like to get it Powder-coated Rem-Tough. Does any one know a facility that can do the work for me?

Please advice,
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You can send it back to Remington, or I would be suprised is most any competent gunsmith could not do what you want. If you are wiling to go with an alternative coating, Rifle manufacturers like HS Precision, MCMillan and other do a good paint / anti-environmental caoting for a reasonable price. Unless the Rem-Coat is prorietary and EXACTLY what you want, why you would buy a SS barrel from Remington? There are other, significantly better barrel makers out there Kreiger, Hart, Shilen, Broughton?
photo2u, Why not do it yourself. GUN-KOTE is apparently very good. Brownells sells it in a aresol, also you can order it from here. ... 1=1&cat2=1

Hope it helps

Mulga :D
You could also try a can of DuraCoat, which is both scratch and weather resistant.
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