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starter kit for reloading?

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hi, I'm considering about handloading my own ammo but I am little hesitant about how to start. Anyone know a decent starting kit for reloading that's not too expensive( something around $200 , lesser would be better) I know you get what you pay for but I've seen starter kits that's around $70 and one's that's around $200. besides the price what's the big difference? any advice would be great.
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I started handloading with an RBCS Rock Chucker Reloader Kit. I bought it from Cabelas Online about 2 years ago for $240. Since then RCBS has replaced the Rock Chucker press (RC2 I believe) with the more modern Rock Chucker Supreme. The bottom line is that the price for the kit with the newer model press can be bought for around $289. It has everything that will be needed for quality handloads. However, I know you've got a budget so RCBS makes a kit with the smaller Special-5 press that goes for $209. I'd recommend you look into the Master kit, but if you can't do it then the Special-5 might be the way to go, although you'd have to buy a quality powder measure and trimmer as well as any other tools you may need. It may sound expensive now, but the savings are quite real if you do volume shooting.

From the Speer #13 Handbook:

.30-06 w/ 150 gr. SP bullet.
Handload: $ 0.29
Factory Quality: $.83
Savings: 64%
I started handloading with the Lee Anniversary kit, controary to what a lot of people believe it is a quite good kit to start with, at least it will get you the minimum required, i bought some RCBS dies though and they have worked quite nicely for me, however, you may consider buying a different priming tool the one i got with my kit was auwful (this may just have been a bad one included in my kit) But besides that if you wjust want to get started it seems like a pretty good deal all for around $100 or so i believe.
I started with the RCBS Rockcrusher kit. It works fine, and I still use 90% of it today.

im fixing to get a reloading system myself 300 ultramag shells are about
$2.00 each and i like to shoot a lot but waiting on an answer from someone whos been reloading for at least 10-20 years before i purchase
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