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stock question

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I have a Savage 10fp .308 and I was looking to find a stock that was similiar to the Reminton 700p (with the triangular shaped portion at the fore-end of the rifle). Anyone know of a place I could try and find it? I just burnt 30 minutes looking around only to find nothing...
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Unfortunately, it may be a long process. The 700P uses a HS Precision stock, but HS Precision does not make their stocks for savage products. Now, the savage is kind of similar to the remington for inletting, so there is a "chance" that you could get a glass bed to work with a 110FP and a long action 700P. But you have the 10FP, which is a "medium" action, longer then a remington short action, short then a remington long action. So your options are limited. Look at McMillan stocks and the stocks on the savageshooters web page.

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