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Sub for camo sticks?

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What are some safe subs for camo sticks? I have some turkey hunting to do and this is the only game where I paint my face. I paint the whole thing and ears. What can I use? I need OD and black. If you have ideas, please tell how to apply it.
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Black is easy, burn some wood, wait for it to cool, and then use the "charcoal" works like a dream. If you really stripe your face up you'll find that you won't need the OD. The black and your skin tones offset each other enough. Just apply the black to the high points and leave the shadow areas lighter.
Not the best solution but a cheap and viable alternative.
If you don't like the skin tone good ol' fashioned mud will do the trick.
AH yes! Charcoil, and mud! How could I ever forgett! God bless you! :wink:
Walmart sells a compact-like camo kit that is very inexpensive and if you really want to go cheap. Go throught your sister's or girlfriends's very dark colored make up they bought but never use. You'll find something black and maybe brown looking that you can blend for a decent camo job.... :lol: ....well for make up. :wink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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