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Suggestion on a superb .308?

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Hi all,

This will be my first posting and with my first posting I am requsting some help. I am looking for a superb .308 for target shooting, but also to take with my for hunting. When hunting I will use the harryp bipod and never the extra kilo(s) do not bother me. However, my budget is USD 2000 for rifle only! I would love to get the Sako TRG-22, but unfortunately that rifle is way over my budget! I have been looking some on the Tikka T3 tactical which is a new rifle, but I do not know anyone with who has used it so....Please let me know what you would recommend, please also be aware that some US specific rifles can not be found in Sweden, or for the right money when it would cost to much to import.
Thank you very much for your help, I look forward to hear from you all in this regard

Cheers/ Olsson
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I was amazed at the number of wonderful rifle ranges in Sweden. The town of Malung in Dalarna had no fewer than three beautiful ranges.

So here is what I would do:

I would head off to my local sjutbana and talk to the local shooters. I'd ask them about the leading gunsmiths and I would also find out where they bought their rifles. Then I'd head off to the various gunshops and look at what was available. In Malung there was a wonderful gunshop on Vasterdalalvagen. ( I think that was the name of the street)

Anyway, the guy there had whole racks of used .308 target rifles. He also had a wonderful array of new .308 target rifles. And some of the used rifles were delicious Swedish rifles that I'd never seen in real life before. If memory serves, he even had the Husqvarna Model 8000. He also had the Danish Schultz & Larsen rifle.

So I would check out all the big gunshops and look over all the rifles new and used. And I would seriously consider a used rifle. Rifle barrels may wear out, but modern bolt actions hardly ever do. If I found a nice rifle, I'd rebarrel it if necessary. ( At this stage in my life, I consider a new rifle to be an extravagance. There are lots of beautiful used rifles around. And it is no big thing to have a rifle re-barrelled)

I would even post a note inside the clubhouse at your local range. State that you are looking to buy a .308 target rifle. It might be that someone there needs money and has to sell a target rifle. And in such a case you can even shoot the gun before you buy it.

The rifle of your dreams may be right under your very nose. And the truth is that some very beautiful target rifles were made in Scandinavia.

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And there are no ugly women in Sweden either.

Except for tourists....

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