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super sinper tasco scopes

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I have just got in to long range shooting and i am going to upgrade my scope. I have read a lot of stuff about the super sniper but it all shortcuts from and it is all good. can any one tell me anything bad about these scopes other than they are fixed power. anything would help. 8)
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I have heard good things about these scopes but cannot speak from a first hand experience with them. The fixed power can be a real advantage if it can be applied well to your particular use, especially if utiziling a mil-dot reticle to calculate range. It makes things easier and quicker to figure out in your head. :wink:
Heh Wolfman.........I've got the scope, I'm just waiting for the rifle!!

I read all the reports and the Super Sniper scope sounded good.

Now I realise there may be some bias, but the main comment against the SS was that the clarity was not up to the likes of Leupold.
However it was still considered very good and the thing was only $300!!!

Mine is the fixed x10. I also purchased a Mildot Master to go with it.

It's going on a Robar SR-60 (if it ever gets here :roll: ) I'll let you know how it performs.
hey thanks for the input i think i am going to go with the 16 power on. if i don't like it i will let u guys know. but i have a friend who got one about a week ago and he love it so i hope it works if now i will have to get a new one. let u know as soon as i get back from my fishing trip it soould be here buy then waiting on me thanks again.

make every shot count!!!!!!
I have the Tasco and it is a great scope when you realize it only costs $299. I've had this scope on my HD .300wm and it is dead on. The fixed power is fine and the glass is good for a scope in this range. I would even go so far as to put it against some scope that are more expensive. You can't go wrong with this scope.
hey i got that scopeon and sighted in and it is great i would recomend it to anyone that is just starting out. it has hug target turns and they click nice also it looks indistructable. but so far i am very happy with it. some of the guys have made fun of it until they played with it now he is thinking of getting one to replace his springfield arms one
well good luck.
Funny to exchange the Springfield Armory scope with a super sniper, they are both built by Hakko! But the SS is cheaper, and more main stream with its features.

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