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SVD Question Help wanted

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This is my first post so bear with me. I just came into a Romanian Dragunov It shoots great with the open sights. But when I shoot with the scope (issue scope for that modle) the rounds are way way like Off the target high at 50 yds. To hit the target center mass i have to aim at the Base of the frame. about 2 feet. The rifle did not come witha cheek peice and I was wondering if that could afect the shot placement.. if so where could i find one.
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Sounds like the scope is just dialed for a zero at a range substantially longer then you're shooting at. Just going off of the data that Mel has on the main page, sounds like you're looking at something in the neighborhood of at least a 5-600 yard zero. If you can dial the scope way up, then do it. If you can't dial the scope that much, then maybe you need to see what kind of rail is on it. Barring all of that, you may want to remove everything and try bore-sighting the rifle. I know Mel has discussed it in the forums previously. Just my $0.02
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