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Crooks who use Guns don't use Tasers. Using a Taser is like using a Bat. When you use a gun, you WANT to put the fear of death in them, if not kill them.

As for civilians having one less method to protect themselves with, the Government is pretty well adamant about the fact that you shouldn't try this. More often then not, your weapon will end up in the criminal's hands, at least according to the Media. How that exactly happens is beyond me. You have to be pretty bad to completely fail to even hold off a criminal with a lethal weapon, much less manage to hand that lethal weapon over to a criminal.

And criminals are criminals, and they need a place to stay. It's better for society as a whole if you pay an extra 10 bucks and another convicted criminal is sent to jail.

And in Canada, Tasers are illegal, and Handguns have to be stored at a Gun Club, and need a permit and a planned travel route to be filed before they are moved. Beat those excessive laws.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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