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I went to the range last weekend. I loaded some 69 gr SMK's using 24.5 gr RE-15 I wanted to compare to some Black Hills 69 gr I had used in the past. I shot 20 shots with each at 50 yds. I also shot some 07 vintage Ingram 62 gr to compare it also.

Rifle was a Bushmaster that I bought in 2001. I later put a RR 24" 1:8 varmint barrel and a Jard single stage trigger on. I recently replaced the Rifle stock with a Magpul PRS GEN 3.

Sports equipment Clock Grass Cloud Chair

The top target was the 62's. Acceptable for shooting Steel plates.
Left top was the Black Hills. I had originally sighted the rifle for this.
Right top was the reloads. Group OK but around 3/4" lower.

I shot the lower left target with a 1995 vintage Colt Tactical Carbine with a Vortex Spitfire 1x Prism Scope w/ DRT MOA Reticle.
I could not see my group so I switched to Steel Plates at 100 yds. I shot well on those. I love the dot in a circle reticle on this.

I plan on testing same bullet with H4895, Varget and Shooter's World Match. (I have these powers)
If you have suggestions for the different powders, I would welcome the info.

I will leave the sights as is because I want to compare to the Black Hills that has been my go to in the past.
Several years ago I put 10 shots into 2.5" with the Black Hills.

I may take several weeks to complete the test.
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