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whats the best urban sniper caliber???

  • .223 Rem

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  • .243 Win

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  • 6.5mm Sweede

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  • .308 Win

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  • .30-06 Sprfld

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  • other

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the best sniper round

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whats the best urban sniper round???
guns aside, what would be the best round for a law enforcement sniper
keep in mind over/under penetration, effectiveness at incapacitating someone, accuracy (at close ranges, not 1000y ballistics) etc

i think the .243 would be ideal, more stopping power than a .223, less over penetration than a .308 and should be fine for blowing a punk taking hostages under 200m away...
with the proper hunting ammo and gun you should see some good accuracy too
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Under urban/police sniping situation, I would also recommend the .243 Win. Since many of the police departments today worried about lawsuits left and right, the .243 would be good for not over pentrating (like the .308) but still good power and big enough bullet to do the job.

Yeah, I have to agre with you Jeff.

I voted for 5.56mm, but I assumed by urban sniper round, you meant for the military.

For law enforcement I would say 7.62mm NATO.
There should be no risks of over-penetration with the round, as there is nothing stopping the shooter from having a reduced powder charge and shooting soft points.
yea i have to think that 5.56mm would be a more practical round
plenty of guns that are chambered in it that would be capable military snpier rifles and ammo readily available

the .308 needs a good backstop
ive fired at metal plates
its a powerful round trust me
I gotta go with what I know. .308 You can vary the penetration with bullet choice and load, and you can be extremely accurate with your shot when you need it in a small area.
Sorry guys, i have to go with the 6.5x55. The short range ballistics are incredible, there is very little recoil, and it is a very accurate round. I shoot either 129 grain or 140 grain bullets, and i put together some nice groups, or they seem nice to me anyway. Its a very mild load that still keeps its accuracy and overpenetration should easily be controled.
The .308 Win. is the best round for the job. Like Jeffvn points out, the range of bullets is very good for this cartridge. Most departments already use it, so why change it if it works. The old KISS principle.

The .223 Rem. is too weak. If the target is wearing some sort of body armor (assuming no headshot happens), he'll shrug it off. If a pane of glass is in between you and him, that bullet needs the heft to resist deflection.

I don't know much about the 6.5 or the .243, but are tactical rifles even offered in those calibers? They'd have to be custom or imported.

The .30-06 is a long action and may be a little too much. Follow up shots could be slower with it. Why not have a short action with the same or better ballistics?
Iv seen 308 win black talons which means they probably make a sxt round for it.
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