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I've been searching everywhere, but I'm having trouble finding much information about the 4 Croft custom revolvers (M1 through M4) that came before Elmer Keith's famous #5SAA.

M1 and M2 are featured in an article in the 2005 GUNS magazine annual with a few pictures and some interesting information. However, some exact specifications aren't mentioned. Apparently all four of these unique revolvers were lost for some time, with M1 and M2 eventually showing up again in private hands, with the owners unaware of what they had until informed. M3 and M4, which I have never seen any pictures of and no almost nothing about, remain lost. All four of these revolvers are probably priceless.

For those of us who don't know what in the heck I'm talking about :wink: in a nutshell the Croft revolvers were heavily customized colt single action armies. They are fascinating, at least to me and a few others. I even had the idea of trying to create a duplicate of M1 on a Ruger frame. Maybe one day.

I would love to just "stumble" into possession of one of these historic pistols, of course, that isn't likely to happen, but I can dream can't I? *grin*

If anyone has any information about the Croft Revolvers I would greatly appreciate knowing it.

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