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I've recently heard that the FBI adopted a new sniper rifle to replace their old in house built custom ones.

Problem is, I've heard it from two different companies.

H-S Precision's HTR has apparently been adopted as a whole system. However, a new model of FN's SPR has apparently ALSO been adopted. If memory serves, I think they were calling it the M3AG or something. Its slightly different from the regular SPRs, having a A3 stock, and fluted 24 inch barrel.

So has the FBI adopted two different rifles? Both companies boldy claim it in their advertisements.

Anyone know anything about this? Anyways, even if you haven't heard about it, thought everyone might like to know about FN's new rifle. This isn't just hearsay, they have a full page add for it in the latest issue of Guns and Weapons (I think).
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