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Dear forum members,

A weapon that is rather unknown has been in my view for a very long time. It is the DVL10 saboteur from the Russian company Lobaev.

Clearly this leads to a discussion between integral suppressors and attached.

All data here: DVL-10 M1 Saboteur

For comparison, the most original sniper rifles and the most common at the same time were looked at, namely the REM700 and the SSG69. As an (in)direct comparison.

Video of REM700 fully suppressed and as quiet as possible:

One of the few videos of SSG69 also with silencer:

Video of the actual weapon of the thread here, the DVL10 Saboteur:

Another video:

You can't hear anything more than a slight "zip".

A basic question about the DVL10-Saboteur is a technical question with the background of what makes it special?

The first thing I was told was that it wasn't good because of the barrel silencer and condensation. Not really an argument for me now. To you? The weapon is extremely precise and quiet, which is exactly what I want. I'm really only concerned with the acquisition costs, because 15,000$ is quite a lot.

With the request for one or more well-founded answers to the DVL10-Saboteur, gladly in comparison to the two above.

Looking forward to your answers!
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