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the SA-80

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hi all
i was just wondering what you guys think of the SA-80 as a weapon.
I personally think that we should drop it in favour of the basic american weapon (M20 etc.).
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ok, people thanks for all the replies (eventhrough I can't understand half of them).

thinking about the topic again we should stick with the SA80, okay we could adopt the m16, but the british army should be individual and not have the same weapons as our american 'brothers'. But we shouldn't adopt the Ak either (we don't want to look like terrorists). what about the british armed forces having a smg? such as that weapom they have on stargate with the 50 round clip with AP rounds (sorry can't remember the name).

ok have a nice day everyone.

Yimmy, dude where are you from?
will some one tell me what is wrond with having a smg as your main weapon?
advantages of smg:
large clips
good rate of fire
small and compact
decent accuracy
good stopping power
wide range of ammunition types, e.g. armour piercing
lowish cost

(lets try not to be abusive here, please).
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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