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the SA-80

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hi all
i was just wondering what you guys think of the SA-80 as a weapon.
I personally think that we should drop it in favour of the basic american weapon (M20 etc.).
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What I don't really like is how people tend to criticize or bring up flaws of the Nam era M-16s, as it has been said here, they have come a long way since then. I've read that some kinds with a piston, like the AR 180B are good too.

One thing I find shows a lot for the M-16 is how much Israel uses it, because they can get their hands on alot of other weapons too, like their new home developed Tavor bullpup.

From other things I have read, the SA-80 has had its share of teething problems too, but has evolved into a nice weapon.
Just had to chime in again...

I think our soldiers (Canda, USA, UK) have high standards of training. I can't see anyone dry firing an AK for 4 hours a day for a week in thier training in countries that use it lol.

Our guys should have something that shoots as accurately as they do. If thats an M16, HK, SA-80, so be it. Either of them. Any of them. Whats cool about the SA, is that its brit designed, and their own. Canada uses a US design, and it would be cool to have our own too.
Thats right Westpoint...

As far as I know it was the same for us. We had the FAL (C1) and wanted a replacement for it, an assault rifle in 5.56 mm...I guess some might argue that we picked up the M16 because we are your little brother, but as far as I know, our arms manufacturer (Diemaco) co-operated with Colt on designing and making the M2, our C7, etc. If we helped at all with designing it, and produce it ourselves, I don't know why we would adopt an inferior weapon. Not saying its the best, just that its as good as anything else.

As for third world countries and ease of manufacture, instead of an M-16 why not a high end AK? Like the new Finnish Sako, that looks great. Or the Polish "Tantal", a Stanag AK.
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