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the sniper movies

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did anyone seen these 3 movies if so do you know what sniper rifles they used in the 3 movies?
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i havent seen the movies maybe someone can help if you provide a picture
I don't remember enough about the first one...been a while...

Had to correct this part...In the second one, I dunno what he has when he shoots the Serbian general at the beginning, but later he has a nagant he calls a mauser.

In the third, he uses an Accuracy International in the beginning, then a Remington 700 at the end, I think.
the first one had Berringer (sp?) shooting a M40A1 (thats what it looked like) and Billy Zane used a tricked out HK SR9 with PSG1 stock and grip.
I have seen them all. i think your right, the first is an m40a1 i believe. the second, he takes a shot with some sort of modern type weapon, then uses an old Mauser the rest of the movie. In the 3rd i think hes back to an m40 style again. on a side note, the 1st is the best, the 2nd and 3rd are not that good, but the 2nd is better than the 3rd.
the first one was more realistic (compared to the rest) and i believe that the rifle was a real USMC M40A1 since it had the Urtinel (sp?) 10x that they use
Oh boy, the realism in the "sniper" series...

You guys are right, the first was the most realistic.

I just tried to watch them and turn off the "critical thinking", and in that way I liked em.

For all the snipers who watched em...The Navy fighter jocks probably guffawed just as hard at "Top Gun" :p
Aye, perhaps you are correct. I had such a horrible time watching the first, I have not even bothered with the 2nd, and didn't even know about the 3rd until this post....

i THINK i saw parts of the 3rd one at MEPS when i went
it was playing on the tv and i overherd a few Marines saying it was Sniper III and it was a movie about a sniper so i guess it was
didnt seem that great so i went to get food
if u take it for entertainment value, the first one was ok, however if u take it from a fundamentals, it was a nightmare
Makes me wonder...If hollywood ever did a big budget film about a sniper team, and got it at least halfassed right...I think a lot of people would like it. What kinda guy doesn't think snipers are cool?

Challenge is in making it legit lol...How about a movie where the first half hour is the team crawling...the next half hour is the team lying down at night...and the next half hour is the team very slowly getting ready to shoot...rifle fires. Credits roll.

It can be done though, a good, entertaining and more realistic sniper movie...and I think people would like it.
I would like it.

It all comes down to the director's perspective on it. The best way to get him a good perspective on it is to force him and his actors to go balls-down in the mud and do what snipers do, on a more "limited" basis since if you beat the Hell out of them they'll be afraid to do the movie.

It works for a shitload of game design teams and it worked (Saving Pte. Ryan is an example) for film crews.

I think that a large multicharacter'ed realistic military operation set in a real country using an existing military going head-on with another military that involves a fictional scenario can give you the best storyline for this.

Another thing that would be innovative is to have the camera follow around - say the Russians, for example - some of the "enemy" troops so that the audience would think they're "The good guys" for this movie. Then Bang-Thud, platoon leader goes down. Troops scatter, only subtitle I'd ever want to see is "Sniper!" and then camera cuts to the sniper team, ideally just as the sniper pulls the bolt back.

Realism makes a good film, makes a good game. You just have to be catering to a "smaller" group rather than the unwashed masses. If you're making the film for the guy who's trying to kick his skateboard over a jump, then it will "fail" in our eyes, but if you make it so that we think it's bloody well orgasmic, it will be "I don't get it" in theirs.

Unfortunately, due to the need to come out of it even or ideally on top, from a profit perspective, most movies are made for the guy outside.
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The only sniper film that i have seen is "The German Sniper 1944". It´s about the german sniper training on 1944. You can find it on emule or here . Here are some pics from the film:

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VERY interesting. I think I may need to buy this on DVD and check it out.

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